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Respond the demand for housing, hotel stays at resorts, resettlement and rescue areas. Globally.

Hale Group has created a mobile housing model Solid Mobihome based on a 100% new container according to international standards.

Main product is Container home, Container hotel:

- Container home One-bedroom of 30m2 built on a 40feet hc container.
- Container home 2-bedrooms of 30m2 built on a 40feet hc container.
- Container hotel 15m2 studio based a 20ft hc container.
- Container home 15m2 studio based a 20ft hc container.

Hale group with nearly 10 years of experience operating in the field of furniture manufacturing.
We easily create a perfect interior space with full cabinets and amenities like a normal house, and moreover, it is inspected to meet standards, quality and is a long-term home.
- In addition, the house we created has full functions such as central electrical and water technical cabinets, fire alarm and fire fighting, central gas supply system, Internet and cable TV.
It is fully equipped with high-end furniture, kitchen appliances, and solar power. We create a product to fully meet technical, aesthetic, comfort, high-class safety and quickly at the most suitable cost.
Capacity:  we have a manufacturers consortium producing export containers with the capacity to produce millions of standard export containers. We can response technical requirements such as height, length, width, iron thickness and other customer requirements.


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Solid container home at VietBuild exhibition

Quality of containers used for Solid mobihome

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